Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD)

These days, if you read Jane Jacobs for fun and hang out with urban planners in your free time, you're probably a NUMTOT. But back when 'Tots were still tots, the rest of us had to find our own ways to express our #buslove. And so it was that, after crafting campaigns for the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD) as part of SURFACE 51 for more than a decade, I joined their internal team from 2017 to 2019, building communication strategies, acting as spokesperson and media liaison, and overseeing all internal and external communication as their Communications Director & PIO.

Relationship: 10+ years
Mediums: Web, print, outdoor, television, radio, out-of-home & more
Deliverables: Branding overhaul, social tone switch, launched & more

Internal comm efforts often get overlooked, but not at SURFACE 51. A backlit billboard pun? One of my all time favorite pieces of work. 

Relationship: Self
Mediums: Many
Deliverables: All
IHSI at Illinois

A uniting force for health sciences and technology at Illinois that partners with Mayo Clinic and others, IHSI was in need of translational branding to distill technical jargon down to a human level. I wrote and creative directed the elevator pitch that brought tears to the client's eyes. In a good way.

Relationship: 2+ years
Mediums: Web, print & more
Deliverables: Brand development, comm strategy, infographics, web, brochure & more

This community visioning project was executed in tandem with other national consultants over the course of a few years. My team's work included management and creation of all initial comms, including branding, PR, ghost & speechwriting, and outreach.

Relationship: 2+ years
Mediums: Web, print, outdoor, television, radio, out-of-home, & more
Deliverables: Campaign design, speechwriting, ghostwriting, PR & more

When the globally ranked School of Engineering at the University of Illinois created their R&D arm, the Applied Research Institute, they reached out for a cohesive identity and tone for multiple mediums.

Relationship: 1+ years
Deliverables: Brand development, messaging, web, print & more
Cunningham Children's Home

We tell children to make good choices, but do we give them good options? Cunningham Children’s Home does, and now their media reflects their mission. I contributed creative direction, brand strategy, and all copywriting to this brand refresh in advance of a major capital campaign. 

Relationship: 2+ years
Mediums: Web, print, outdoor, television, radio & more
Pampered Chef

Family Dinner. Kids Eat It Up. My work on these mealtime PSAs, for the Family Resiliency Center (FRC) at the University of Illinois, translated in-depth research and made it bite-size.

Relationship: 8+ years
Mediums: Video
Deliverables: PSAs, strategy & messaging

The Office of the Vice President for Research (since renamed VPEDI) for the University of Illinois performs complex and far-reaching work that protects, funds, supports, and launches ideas born within the Illinois System. Together, we built a pipeline construct to explain their value succinctly. Then our team took it from there, building out print pieces, brand messaging, a communication strategy, and more. 

Relationship: 4+ years
Mediums: Web, print & more
Deliverables: Brand development, comm strategy, infographics & more
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Cancer Center

A perfect example of translating critical research into high level messaging, this project for the Cancer Center at UIC benefited greatly from the trust and insight of our client, with whom we worked closely to create the tagline "Better. People." 

Relationship: 2+ years
Mediums: Web, print & more
Deliverables: Brand messaging, comm strategy, identity, web & more

To create a better world, LeaderShape teaches students & professionals how to walk the walk through their Catalyst, Resilience, and Institute programs held nationwide, often in partnership with institutions of higher learning. 

Relationship: 6+ years
Mediums: Web, print, direct mail, video & more
Deliverables: Brand development including segmentation of sub-brands, comm strategy, PR, course materials, conference booth design, and more

When your clients are research geniuses from the Mid-America Earthquake (MAE) Center and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)and the product is a suite of predictive analysis software that saves lives in the event of an earthquake, you want to get it right. I worked with the SURFACE 51 team to deliver a solid naming suggestion, communication audit, & branding recommendation that is still being utlized today.

Relationship: 6 months
Deliverables: Naming, brand identity & messaging